Rich, regenerating foot cream against cracked heel

Intensive care for rough skin. Softens and relieves cracked heels after first use.

Rich cream for rough and tired foot. An intensely moisturizing foot cream enriched with 15 percent UREA to help soothe and refresh tired feet.  This rich cream helps to soften and refresh dry or damaged feet.
Innovative cream formula contains 15% UREA – an active ingredient used to fight against foot problems. 

15% UREA concentrate- softens calluses, hydrates, reduces roughness and enables penetrating properties. It contributes to the strengthening of hydro- lipid skin to prevent excessive moisture loss. 
Cream is enriched with natural betaine, that softens skin. Vitamin complex stimulates skin’s renewal and regeneration. Chamomile extract softens irritations and  supports skin’s regeneration. Menthol soothes and gives cooling effect to your foots. 

After first use cream improves rough, cracked and dry skin. It becomes soft, smooth and pleasant. 

Regular use fights 7 problems of your foots:
1.    Regenerates cracked heels
2.    Intensive hydrates and eliminates roughness
3.    Soften the skin
4.    Soothes and firms the skin 
5.    Refreshes
6.    Prevents irritations 
7.    Prevents keratosis. 
How to use: Apply generously. Massage in with your fingers, beginning at your toes and working your way up to the tops of your feet.