Lashes moisturizer Advanced Activator

Complex rebuilding and strengthening:

  • Doubles lashes volume
  • Lengthens and strengthens
  • Nourished and regenerates
  • Moisturizes and smoothens
  • Accelerates lashes growth
  • Prevents lashes’ loss

Innovative lashes’ serum ADVANCED ACTIVATOR 6 in 1 functions as lashes’ rebuilder, lashes’ grow accelerator and mascara primer in one. Patented BIO RESTORE COMPLEX ™ regenerates deeply, rebuilds and protects lashes. With its special designed brush and satin consistency gives your eyes hypnotizing look. 

Serum contains specially selected natural ingredients:

•    BIO RESTORE COMPLEX ™ with soy proteins instantly penetrates the lash, rebuilds and protects its structure, preventing lashes’ loss while make- up removal

•    Hyaluronic acid moisturizes, revitalizes and stimulates lashes’ growth

•    D-panthenol provides elasticity and moisturizes lashes from roots to tips.  

How to use:

1.    Mascara primer- apply on dry lashes before mascara.
2.    As rebuilder- apply on lashes evenings on dry, clean lashes.
Does not contain perfume; Also recommended for contact lenses wearers and with sensitive eyes. 
Make up/ Eyes/ Eyeshadow Quattro
Eyeshadow Quattro
Eyeshadow Quattro are available in four unique color combinations, you can use the whole palette of colors in various combinations to provide special look for any occasion. 
Eyeshadow palette was designed with special technology of fine grinding, that makes it permanent and easy to apply. Perfectly adhere to the eyelids and persist for hours. Specially selected formula with micro- particles allows nice blending of colors on the eye. Double applicator facilitates precise application of shadows on the eyelids.

Make-up/ Nails/ Moisturizing nail polish 6 in 1, red