policy of privacy


1. An operator of the service www.laluxeparis.eu is CN sp. z o.o. S.K.A., Chalubinskiegostreet 8, 00-613 Warsaw NIP 5213589602, Regon 142747967

2. The service realizes a function of gaining information about users and their behaviour in the way as follows:

a. Through voluntarily entering in forms information
b. Through saving in ending tools cookies files (so-called `ciasteczka`)
c. Through collecting logs file of service www by hosting operator home.pl


1. The service collects information gave voluntarily by users
2. The service can moreover save information about the connection parameters (IP address, the signification of time)
3. The data in form does not share third parties, other than for agreement of user
4. The data given in form can be converting in aim to function of making an appointment in salon or sales contact.


1. The service uses cookies files.
2. The cookies files (so-called `ciasteczka`) state IT data, especially text data, which is stored in finish tool of Service User and is destined to use of Internet websites of Service. The cookies usually contain website name, which they come from, the time of storing them on final tool and unique number.
3. The object which inserts on final tool Service User cookies files and receives an access to them is operator of Service
4. The cookies files are used for aims as follows:

a. create of statistics, which help to understand, in what way Service Users use the Internet websites, which allows to improve their structure and content
b. keep a session of Service Userm thank to which the user do not have to during every visit on website in aim to make an appointment in the salon filling his/her data again.

5. Under the Service are used two essential cookies files: „sesyjne” (session cookies) and „stałe” (persistent cookies). Session cookies are temporary files, which are stored in finish tool of User till log out, leave the website or switch off software (web browser). Persistent files are stored in finish tool of User during determine time in parameters of cookies files or as far as they will be deleted by User.
6. The web browser which allows to view web pages usually implicity permits to store cookies files in finish tool of User. The Service Users can make changes in settings in this area. The web browser allows to delete cookies files. It is possible to block automatically cookies files. The specific information about it contains help or documentation of web browser.
7. The limits of using the cookies files can influance on some functionalities avilable on the Internet website of the Service.
8. Cookies files insert in final tool of Service User and they can be used by collaborative with operator of Service partners.
9. We commend to read the policy of privacy security these companies so that meet the rules of using cookies files which are abusing in statistics. The policy of privacy security Google Analitycs.


1. The information about some behaviours of users are subjects to log in servers layer. This data are used only in aim administration of service and also to ensure the most effective service of provided by hosting services.
2. Reviewed resorces are identified via URL address. Moreover the notation can be undergo.

a. the time of a question coming
b. the time of sending a message
c. the name of client station – identification realized via protocol HTTP
d. the information about mistakes which occure during realization of transaction HTTP
e. the address of URL website previously visited by User (referer link) – in case when transaction to the Service was occured via reference.
f. the information about web browser of User
g. the information about the address of IP

3. Above data is not associating with specific people who view the pages
4. Above data is used only for aims to administrate of server
5. Share the data:

1. The data undergo to share outside objects only within the limits permitted by law
2. The data allowed the identification of physical person is shared only the consent of this person
3. The operator can have an obligation to provide information collected by Service to authorized body on base of lawfully reguests to the extent resulting from the request.

6. Management of cookies files – how to impress or rescind consent in practice?

1. When the User does not want to receive cookies files, he can change the settings of web browser. We reserve that switch off the service of files which are neccessary to processes of authentication, security, keep preferences of the User can inhibit, and in extreme cases can preclude of use the website www
2. In case managing of cookies settings choose from below list the web browser / system and act according to instructions:

a. Internet Explorer
b. Chrome
c. Safari
d. Firefox
e. Opera
f. Android
g. Safari (iOS)
h. Windows Phone
i. Blackberry