Moisturizing miceral lotion removing make-up of face and eyes 3 in 1

  • thoroughly and gently clean out
  • perfectly removes even waterproof make-up
  • intensively moisturizes and smoothes

Moisturizing miceral lotion removing make-up is an innovative formula which connects efficiency action of miceral fluid, moisture cream and fluid removing make-up of eyes. The receipt is rich in selective active ingredients and thoroughly and gently cleans out the skin of face and eyes, perfectly removes even waterproof make-up, without the feeling of epidermis gather. It does not disturb natural barrier hypolipid of epidermis and it reserves physiological pH of skin. Argan oil works in synergy with hyaluronic acid effectively prevent effects of aging, reduces wrinkles, deeply moistures, smoothes and restores the skin youth appearance.  

Moisturizing miceral lotion removing make-up of face and eyes 3 in 1 states essential element of complextion daily care, perfectly prepares skin for further care treatments.

Active ingredients:
Argan oil stimulates cells of skin to intensive regeneration and is truly 'youth potions`. It restores flexibility and density of the skin. It clearly rejuvenates and smoothes the complextion.
Hialuronic acid fills wrinkles inside, perfectly bend and models the face oval. It resores youth and vitality of the skin.  
Almonds oil intensively nourishes, regenerates and bends. It reduces wrinkles, remains the skin velvety smooth and soft in touch.
Vitamins A+ E rejunevate epidermis, restores brightness and energy to the skin  
Allantoin perfectly smoothes, firms, nurishes and deeply moistures the skin.