Luxury body balm for bath- lemongrass

  • Intensive and deep firming effect
  • Provides your skin with smooth finish

Luxury body balm for bath, with moisturizing and firming effect, contains lemongrass’s extract, leaves your skin with long lasting  smooth skin effect, firming and deep moisturized.

Lemongrass’s extract stimulates blood circulation and skin’s metabolism, and provides your skin with firming effect and restores natural skin’s balance.
bioHyaluron Complex™ with a hyaluronic acid, provides your skin with long lasting moisturizing effect and spectacular skin’s smoothing.
Coconut oil improves elasticity and provides your skin with firming effect; it contains natural antioxidants, which help reverse the signs of ageing.

1.    Use your normal shower product and rinse off
2.    Apply In-Shower Body Milk on wet skin while still in the shower
3.    Quickly rinse off
4.    Dry yourself, get dressed and go.
Suitable for skin after depilation or shaving.