Luxury balm- peeling

Cell renewal
Luxury relaxing balm- exfoliating cream with microbeads for smooth, soft, and firm skin. 
Unique composition of 3 valuable oils and 7 nourishing plant extracts makes your skin smooth, soft, and firm.

Innovative formula ALL IN ONE combines exfoliating cream with nourishing balm effect that leaves your skin soft and smooth directly after bath. It gently eliminates dead cells and rough skin-  refining skin’s texture and nourishing for a smooth, supple finish. Argan oil improves hydration, smoothness and skin’s elasticity. It nourishes and regenerates. Soy oil protect skin from oxidative stress and fights against free radicals. Almond oil restores skin’s density and elasticity. Honey extract smoothes and hydrates. Vanilla extract neutralizes free radicals. Wild rose extract works for skin as rejuvenating elixir- deeply moisturizes, improves elasticity and smoothens skin. Lemon extract rich in vitamin C and flavanoids enhances elasticity and provides young appearance. Licorice extract accelerate biological skin’s renewal. Cacao extract deeply hydrates. Aloe extract smoothens and strengthens damaged lipid barrier.