HYALURON & COLLAGEN night cream mask, 60+

Lifting- rebuilding night cream mask, 60+

Deep regeneration + improved skin’s density


Hyaluron & Collagen™ it’s a luxurious anti wrinkle treatment inspired by the latest achievements of cosmetology and aesthetic medicine. Scientists from La Luxe Paris Lab combined unique moisturizing features of hyaluronic acid with biologically active collagen that provides a young look to the skin. Active ingredients of the latest generation in Luxury Visage Lift System™ regenerate and nourish the skin, reawaken tired eyes and restoring their elasticity, flexibility and firmness. Technology Lift & Hyaluron 4D™ guarantees spectacular reduction of width, depth and number of wrinkles and gives them a lifted look. 
Lifting- rebuilding  night cream mask, 60+is designed for mature skin care, sensitive as well, with visibly signs of tiredness and stress. Innovative, rich formula stimulates nightly skin regeneration, replenishes for elastic and collagen loss and restores the right hydration. The product strengthens the skin, effectively reduces even deep wrinkles, helps to reduce the appearance of the dark spots and freckles to restore skin’s natural even tone. Unique active ingredients restore skin’s density and its elasticity, firmness and smoothness. High content of natural hyaluronic acid fills the wrinkles from inside. 


HYALURONIAL ACID- natural, strong moisturizing substance, used by dermatologist to fill wrinkles. Intensely smoothes skin, stimulates the process of new cells’ creation, it makes the skin soft, flexible and silky smooth. Effectively reduces all kinds of wrinkles. 
PRO COLLAGEN SURGE COMPLEX™- reduces the appearance of the dark spots and freckles and strengthens collagen and elastin fibers, with lifting effect. The skin regains its firmness and elasticity. It moisturizes firms and tightens skin.
ARGAN OIL- stimulates natural process of cell’s renewal and it’s a true “elixir of youth”. Effectively renewals and softens the skin.
SHEA BUTTER- moisturizes and firms the skin. It stimulates cell metabolism resulting in slowing of the aging process. Improves self- regeneration and rebuilding of the cells.
VITAMIN E- improves blood circulation and reduces the sensitivity to UV- radiation. It is a strong antioxidant and fights against free radicals.


  • Moisturizing    84%
  • Deep skin’s nutrition 81%
  • Improved skin’s density  75%
  • Increased elasticity and firmness  81%
  • Restoring of skin’s even ton    79%

* Self evaluation test carried out on a selected group of 30 women, lasting four weeks