HYALURON & COLLAGEN day cream 50+

Anti-wrinkle day cream 50+

Intensive lifting + hydration 24 h



Hyaluron & CollagenTM  is exclusive anti-wrinkle treatment inspired the newest achievements of cosmetology and aesthetic medicine. Scientists from La Luxe Paris Laboratory connected unique moisture characteristics of hyaluronic acid with biological active collagen which is responsible for young appearance of skin. The active ingredients of the newest generation include in Luxury Visage Lift SystemTM comprehensively regenerate and nourish the skin, to return it flexibility, elasticity and firmness. The technology Lift & Hyaluron 4DTM guarantees spectacular reduction of deepness, spread, duration and qunatity of wrinkles and the effect of intensive lifting and visible rejuvenationof face`s oval. Anti-wrinkle day cream 50+ is recommended to daily care of skin with the signs of ageing, tiredness and stress. Advanced active ingredients complex recover, deeply moisture, lifting and efficiently polish even deep wrinkles. The skin receives injection of active substances, and a complextion after first application regains firmness, vitality and brightness. Contained in cream rejuvenating complex GINSENG REVITAL COMPLEXTM returns of the skin right streching, a FIRM & SMOOTH COMPLEXTION causes that it is perfect smooth and flexible. The rich consistency absorbs perfectly and ensures many hours of feeling the comfort of the skin.


HYALURONIC ACID – strongly moisturizing, natural substance, applied by dermatologists to fill wrinkles. Intensely smoothes of epidermis, supports the process of creation new cells, gives softness of the skin, flexibility and silky smooth. Effectively reduces all sorts of wrinkles.

PRO COLLAGEN SURGE COMPLEXTM – lightens discolorations and intensify collagen fiber and kolastin, to ensure intensive lifting. The skin regains firmness and elasticity. It has  characteristics of moisturizing, firming and stretching.

ARGAN OIL – stimulates natural renewal of cells and it is truly `Youth Potion`. It effectively rejuvenates and smoothes the skin.

GINSENG REVITAL COMPLEXTM – rejuvenates skin, stimulates renewal of epidermis, reinstates a physiological balance of the skin, regulates hydrous-lipid livestock. It protects the skin against an influance of free radicals.

FIRM & SMOOTH COMPLEXTM- intensively forming and stretching. It intensify walls of blood vessels and improves blood circulation. It contains soothing characteristics and softening of skin.

SHEA BUTTER – perfectly moisturizes and flexibility. It delays the process aging of skin, stimulates cell metabolism. It prevents to loss of skin flexibility. It reduces discolorations and dark spots.

VITAMIN E – stops the process of wrinkles formation and flexibility of skin. It neutralizes free radicals.


  • ultrahydration of the skin 81%
  • reduction of wrinkles 63%
  • visible rejuvenation and lifting 75%
  • correction of face oval 63%

*The self-esteem test performed on chosen group of 30 women during 4 weeks.