HYALURON & COLLAGEN ant wrinkle eye- gel


  • Minimizes  the look of dark circles, shadows, and puffiness
  • Targets wrinkles and crow's feet
  • Moisturizing and age- defying effect

Hyaluron & Collagen™ it’s a luxurious anti wrinkle treatment inspired by the latest achievements of cosmetology and aesthetic medicine. Scientists from La Luxe Paris Lab combined unique moisturizing features of hyaluronic acid with biologically active collagen that provides a young look to the skin. Active ingredients of the latest generation in Luxury Visage Lift System™ regenerate and nourish the skin, reawaken tired eyes and restoring their elasticity, flexibility and firmness. Technology Lift & Hyaluron 4D™ guarantees spectacular reduction of width, depth and number of wrinkles and gives them a lifted look. Anti wrinkle eye gel with hyaluronic acid and plant stem cells effectively smoothes wrinkles and improves firmness resulting in young look. It results in an even brighten skin tone, minimizes puffiness, deeply moisturizes and nourishes sensitive skin; it leaves your skin comfortable. The latest generation ingredients texture takes care of sensitive skin’s needs and provides a fresh and radiant look. Cooling effect instantly calms, cools and refreshes a tired looking appearance. 
BIO HYALURONIC ACID- hyaluronic acid is the most moisturizing substance, with water retaining effect. It fills from inside deep wrinkles.
Collasurge™– SEA COLLAGENUM – innovative active component, replenishing and stimulating collagen’s production in the skin leaving it with moisturizing, firming and tightening effect. 
PhytocellTec™- PLANT STEM CELLS- supporting function of stem cells in the skin. They help support the optimal performance of its natural repair and protective processes.

EYEBRIGHT EXTRACT- reawakes tired eyes, minimizes dark shadows and puffiness 
CHESTNUT EXTRACT- eliminates puffiness and swelling
COFFEINE- improves microcirculation, effectively removes signs of tiredness. 
SILK EXTRACT- immediately smoothes and strengthens the skin 

  • Reduced dark circles and puffiness  89%
  • Minimized wrinkles and   expression lines 89%
  • Toned and tight skin around the eyes  90%
  • Reduced tiredness and stress  89%

*Self evaluation test carried out on a selected group of 30 women, lasting four weeks