Argan body milk tan- prolonging

  • Deep moisturizing
  • Intensive regeneration
  • Gently shining effect
  • bioHYALURON 4D Complex™
  • laminaria algae
  • d-panthenol and shea butter 
  • 24h
  • Dedicated for dry, sensitive skin


Innovative body milk with vanilla smell, designed for dry and sensitive skin’s care.

Body milk nourishes your skin, gives it long- lasting moisturizing and intensive regeneration. Unique active ingredients effectively smooth any skin’s irritations, protect your skin from elasticity loss and free radicals.

BioHYALURON 4D Complex™ immediately provides your skin with optimal, deep moisturizing level and restore skin’s radiance. Innovative formula provides tan- prolonging effect, deepening its color and gives your skin subtle, golden radiance. Pleasant, light texture enables instantly absorption and leaves your skin with long- lasting comfort  feeling and moisturizing effect for 24 hours.

ARGAN OIL- nourishes your skin; it contains vitamins and microelements cocktail that provides your skin with smoothness, elasticity and springiness.

SHEA BUTTER- with fatty acids, vitamins and minerals giving your skin beautiful and health appearance. It rebuilds  hydro- lipid layer and protects your skin from dehydration. 

bioHYALURON Complex™ - with hyaluronic acid, gives your skin moisturizing effect lasting 24 hours, smoothes and firms. 

MACADAMIA OIL- source of valuable vitamins and fatty acids that repairs epidermis and rebuilds protective lipid layer.

ALGEA LAMINARIA- supports collagen’s synthesis and enhance cell’s rebuilding. It contents valuable minerals, vitamins and amino acids. 

VITAMIN E- very strong antioxidant; it provides your skin with elasticity and inhibits ageing processes.

D-PANTHENOL- minimizes hydration’s lost, moisturizes and gives your skin elasticity and softness. It soothes any skin’s irritations. 
Dermatologist tested