of your hands in the winter

The appearance of hands can say about the human so much. Smooth about well-keep nails cause, that the person is perceived as careful, proffesional and solid. Rough, sloppy with features of biting nails awake association with confusion, nervousness and carelessness. Well-keep women` hand attracts the male gaze, causes that women are judge as attractive and elegant. The people, who in the winter do not have a tradition to take care of hands very fast lead to state of their chap, drying, redness and even egzeme. It is hard in this situation to obtain an effect of pretty appearence of hands. On dorsal area of hands often comes to arise stinging red rash and fingertips have tendency to blow up. This state immediately influances on nails ossicles, which become to be crunchy and breaking. In this situation is rather hard to say about elastic appearance of hands. In winter time as a result of frost, cold and wind often damage indulge lipid barrier. It comes to decrease of epidermis irrigation and loss of elasticity. The best way to protect hands from effects of witner is systematic application of products, which have regenerate lipid barrier and protect from damages. The person with strong drying of epidermis should reach for regenerate products type of cream – mask which contain ingredients as: olive oil, nutritive argan oil, moisturizing glycerine, soothe irritation d-pathenol, supplemental of lipids macadamia oil or shea butter. In the winter the skin on hands has tendency to keratosis and because it is worth to use with peelings for hands, which reduce dead epidermis and prevent roughness. Is worth also use creams with extra urea, thanks to them will not come to excessive keratosis of epidermis. On the nail and its area is the best to apply oils for nails in the night (for example contain argan oil), and the nails ossicle regenerate with the help of curing conditioner.