thanks to stem cells

The processes of aging and rising of wrinkles largely are connecting with decreasing activity of stem cells performed in the skin. Scientists work in cosmetic laboratories have thought for a long time about what to do to extend durability of stem cells. On a current knowledge stage there are not any posibilities for direct deliver of stem cells. They decided however to use inside of stem cell comes from long-lived plant. The stem cells of plants characterized by this feature have to have unbelievebly strong vital abilities which allow to alive hard conditions and functional renewals of cell. Laboratory methods multiply stem cells, next by methods of increasing the preasure convey to blow up of cell membrane and escape of valued content. Metabolites of stem cells characterized of good penetration by corneum layer of epidermis, nourish stem cells of skin, cause that they keep their abilities to revitalize of skin for a long time and control the processes of renewal. Certainly the presence metabolites of stem cells in cream is completely new and extremly interessting trend in cosmetology and for sure the scientists in this matter have not said the last word yet. The cosmetics contain this substract are very safe, do not carry the risk of allergy. Concentrates of stem cells add to cream contain hyaluronic acid or collagen increase the quality of cosmetic and guarantee effect of rejuvenation.