The series Argan + Keratin for hair care of the brand LA LUXE PARIS received international title PRIX DE BEAUTÉ 2015 of Cosmopolitan magazine, won in category DISCOVERY OF THE YEAR.

The formula of the series Argan + Keratin is rich in advanced active ingredients, works in a synergy with argan oil and liquid keratin, ensures complex hair care from base to the end. Effectively rebiulds the structure of damaged, dryed and after colorization treatments hair.

Prix de Beaute is one of the most prestigious prize granted in cosmetics branch in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Poland. Rewarded companies receive the statue Prix de Beaute which shows diamond on pedestal. A first edition of contest Prix de Beauty took place in 199e in Germany. In Poland this contest was opened in 1998 and enjoyed of enourmous interest. Current editions turned out a huge success. A big amount registered products is an expression of a huge range and prestige of this contest.